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The Earth Food Store - A Healthy Alternative

Our Vision and Commitment

It is our vision to provide the people with a support structure for becoming knowledgeable and applying this knowledge in the complementary health care field with safety and support. We will achieve this by providing products for your well being as well as links to additional resources. You will enter an exciting journey of discovering better health without the side effects of drugs. You will finally be able to find relief from chronic ailments including: colds, flu, migraines, aches, fatigue, allergies, asthma, yeast infections, arthritis, digestive troubles, etc.


We will provide:

  • A free consultation, excellent products and top companies
  • The best and cheapest way to help your symptoms
  • The best prices – If you find it anywhere cheaper, we’ll beat it
  • Over 250 specialty, unlisted products for pros
  • If you cannot find what you’re looking for, we will get it for you. Additionally we deliver across Canada as fast as you desire.
  • We also have experience in both herbal and pharmaceutical products.

Call us, and you’ll be glad you did!



Vitamin C

Vitamin E


All Cal-Mag contain vitamin D for better absorption

Multivitamins – Minerals

Digestion and Colon

We carry 27 kinds of acidophilus and bifidus with fos-in capsules, powder and chews for adults and children.

Essential Fatty Acids

Brain and Circulations


We carry a large variety of throat therapies – Call us!

Cleansing – Detox – Antioxidants


Blood Pressure – Cholesterol – Nerves

Women’s Health

We carry a large variety of natural toothpastes, deodorants and shampoos – Call us!

We carry 475 kinds of homeopathic remedies and tissue salts (Dolisos, Heel Canada and Doctor A. Vogel).

We carry all Doctor A. Vogel products – Liquids and Tabs – Call us!

Men’s Health


Lungs and Allergy

Children Remedies

Kids vitamin C and echinecea lollipops

Immune System

Joints and Muscles

Weight Loss and Body Shaping

Protein and Body Sculpting

Protein Bars

We carry natural animal foods

Pure essential oils – Karooch and Bioforce – Availiable from 10-1000 mL


Incense (Flore’) Pure and top quality – 20 Sticks per package ($2.58 Each)


Pure Fragrance Oils – 25 mL ($5.98 Each)


We do hair analysis (For toxicity levels, minerals and nutrition)

Liquid tincture extracts – St.Francis and Herb Farm – 50 and 100 mL – Made from organic or wild crafted herbs.



Contact Us

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Government Scrutiny

If you are a natural practitioner (medical doctor, chiropractor, naturopath, massage therapist, etc.) interested in networking with us, please contact us.

Together we can work to provide information, services and products to contribute to the advancement of the well being of mankind.


Natural health products have come under increasing scrutiny by the government and as a result, had led to an unacceptable interference in the right of citizens who wish to have access to natural products.

A reform of health care policy expressed through new federal legislation is urgently required. The health of all Canadians is at stake.

For more information, please contact:

The Canadian Coalition for Health Freedom

205-550 Alden Road, Markham ON

L3R 6A8

Phone: 1-905-479-2882